Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oh you know, just another week in paradise :)

The last week of classes proved to be just as amazing and relaxing as all the other weeks I've spent in Edinburgh. Because none of our grades here transfer back to my Bowdoin transcript (thank goodness), it is much easier to take school a lot less seriously, and that is exactly what we have all been doing this semester. So, now that all of our essays had been turned in and we still had about a month and half before we even had to start thinking about exams, we just soaked up the city for a week before we all departed off in different directions across Europe for our 4 week spring break.

The week was filled with highlights, lots of lazy days, and lots of coffee shops. On the Friday before the last week of class, Natalie, Carolyn, Nora and I decided to hike up Arthur's Seat when we woke up and saw the sun was out. However, we did not factor in the intense wind that was blowing at the top of the mountain, and were rudely reminded of how strong wind could blow once we were about half way into our hike. The wind was blowing so hard that it was hard to stand up straight...in fact, it was easier to lean back into the wind for support. Once getting to the last pitch, Carolyn and I decided to turn back, while Nora chose the method of rolling down the hill to get out of the wind. It was hilarious to have to deal with that kind of wind on the only sunny day we'd had in weeks! Emily had a visitor in town, so after our hike, we went to meet up with him and help tour him around the city. I finished up the day with some shopping on Princes Street with Alice--not bad at all.

Nora and Carolyn hiking into the wind
The rest of the week flew by. On Saturday, Alice, Emily, Carolyn and I headed to the weekly Farmer's Market that is held right at the base of the castle, and we sampled all of the good chocolates and cheese on display. Afterwards, we headed to The Three Sisters (an outdoor pub that has a large courtyard) to watch the last game of the Six Nations Tournament--Ireland vs. Scotland. Since The Three Sisters is an Irish pub set in Scotland, the placed drew a pretty rowdy, enthusiastic crowd for both teams. Scotland, astonishingly, pulled off an impressive win, and afterwards to celebrate, we headed out for a girls night out. Sunday was spent walking through the Princes Gardens down below the castle. It was exciting to imagine all of the flowers blooming in the next couple of weeks...I can't wait to see the gardens in May! The next few days are a blur...attempting to get ready for a 4 week tour of Europe while simultaneously finishing up a semester's worth of classes was pretty intense. However, by Tuesday night, I had done all my laundry and last minute cosmetic shopping, so I was ready to begin my adventures and ready to see my mom in Scotland!!

Alice and Em watching the rugby at Three Sisters

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